As Bolli and Troja already have “must to have” titles we will not show them too much. Thaouh we never were supporters of quantity. Its’s not interesting to go to the show just to collect cup or rosette, knowing that there will be no other pulis. I prefer to show less, but to go there we can meet colleges. Small number of attended shows is one reason why my pulis never will be TOP dogs. Another one – too little pulis in Lithuanian shows. It doesn’t matter, that we go abroad looking for competition :).

Anyway, we were lazy all winter of this year and started show season just in spring. Competition was not big, but Bolli and Troja got amazing rezults!

07-03-2015 IDS “Lithuanian Winner’2015” (Vilnius), judge Andrey Kisljakov (BY)
Bolli (Bubbleton Bollinger) CAC, CACIB, BOB, Lithuanian Winner’2015!
Troja (Bubbleton First ‘N Funmost) CAC, CACIB, BOS, Lithuanian Winner’2015!

08-03-2015 IDS “Vilnius Cup’2015” (Vilnius), judge Tomas Rohlin (DK)
Bolli (Bubbleton Bollinger) CAC, W, CACIB, BOS.
Troja (Bubbleton First ‘N Funmost) CAC, W, CACIB, BOB & 2nd place in FCI group 1!!!

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2015-03-07 Troja 2015-03-07 Troja1
2015-03-07 Troja 2 2015-03-07 Troja 1 grupė
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