Welcome to puli kennel PRIMA ENSO website! We are small home-kennel, registered at Lithuanian Kennel Club and FCI.

DSC_7360su.remeliuWhen we first saw a puli, we thought “That’s very strange…”. But these dogs interested us and we started to collect information about them. First puli boy Bolli came to Lithuania from Denmark, puli kennel “Bubbleton” in the spring 2012. A year late arrived girl Troja.

Perhaps, like many other people, at first we were attracted by unusual coat, but now we can say that the Puli makes Puli not coat but his temperament.

Puli – Hungarian sheepdog and might be used for herding and protection. Puli loves his humans and children.  However, due to a strong herding instinct puli may begin to herd small children, may dislike their fights and noise. Pulis are very smart and quickly learners,  but also quickly get bored with monotonous activities. Pulis not marathoners, they – sprinters. They do not need long and boring walks, but everyday activities are necessary , they must have the opportunity to run in high speed. Pulis very attached to their owners, they are very loyal to them. Sometimes they are too much protective, therefore must be socialised from the very veislyno sertifikatassmall age. They live long, so before you buy puli you should think if next 16 years you will be able to have this smart, agile, playful, loud, protective dog with you.